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Internal Audit/SOX Compliance Services

We provide turn-key, semi-custom, scalable solutions to meet your Internal Audit and SOX Compliance needs.

Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

Prior to SOX, many small to mid-cap companies did not have a traditional Internal Audit function. Now most companies in this space have developed some form of an internal department to deal with on-going compliance requirements. However, many of these functions struggle to maintain full-time personnel with all the expertise and bandwidth needed to effectively and efficiently accomplish their goals.

Bizlogic which is an expert staffing and compliance company focused on the Small to Mid Sector can provide a customized, flexible and affordable co-sourcing solution to help ensure your success.


Internal Audit Full Outsourcing

Many companies want and need the benefits of having an independent Internal Audit function. However, they have been unable to establish one due to budget constraints and other staffing issues. Bizlogic can develop and implement a comprehensive Internal Audit Outsourcing plan that fits your particular company requirements at a price you can afford.


Immediate benefits you’ll see with Full Outsourcing include:

  • We manage all Internal Audit issues, so Management can refocus their efforts on managing the Company.
  • We handle the headaches of ensuring Internal Audit is rightly staffed for effectiveness and efficiency. You no longer have to source, hire, train, and retain headcount outside of your core G&A group.
  • We’re independent, so we can coordinate our efforts with your external auditors to ensure their highest reliance on our test of internal controls.

Establishing or Reengineering an Internal Audit Function

We’ve got the experience and skill required to help you establish an Internal Audit function from the ground up or re-start a function that has fallen to a level of ineffectiveness.

Our approach will ensure you have the Internal Audit function that best fits your Company requirements. Our offering in this area can cover a wide range of services including: advice, planning, and full implementation including sourcing, hiring and training the full-time staff for Internal Audit department.


Full Cycle SOX Implementation

This service offering is aimed at public companies which are implementing SOX for the 1st time or perhaps failed in previous attempts and are re-implementing to finally pass.

Our Full-Cycle approach includes all of the following:

  • Manage Your Project - We’ve got successful implementations under our belt, so we understand what’s needed to develop a comprehensive, project plan which will lead the implementation in the right direction with maximum effectiveness and lowest cost.
  • Refocus Management on Strategic Matters - Our approach puts the CFO and Controller in the driver's seat without having them spend hours pouring over the details that are critical to a successful implementation. We periodically push data to management, audit committee, and external auditors in the form of key metrics which allow them to easily see the progress and cost of the project.
  • Build Compliance Infrastructure - Meeting the requirements of SOX is not a one-time thing. Management has to assess its system of internal controls on an annual basis. Our approach not only implements, but also builds a comprehensive, flexible, efficient, and effective internal compliance infrastructure which facilitates on-going compliance. The key components of this infrastructure are...

Turn-key solutions for Pre-IPOs

The most effective and cost efficient SOX compliance implementations are comprehensively planned and started well in advance of the requirement date. Companies that are planning to go public within a year to 18 months are in a great position to start early and take the bite out of SOX. Our experienced team comes armed with proven templates and methodologies to plan and implement SOX beginning with your most critical business areas such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay.

Our turn-key process includes: Risk Assess, Design, Document, Test, Evaluate Test Results, and Provide Feedback to Management. We can focus these proven steps on a single critical cycle or scale it to a full implementation.

Benefits of our turn-key solutions:

  • Finding the pressure points in critical areas early.
  • Building your company compliance infrastructure over time without large financial commitments.
  • Establishing audit proof processes while you’re small is easier and less expensive than untangling problematic processes under pressure of a looming requirement date.
  • Building good processes early demonstrates Management’s commitment to a strong control environment


Co-source SOX Solutions

Many companies have now developed either internal or external sources to meet the demands of on-going SOX compliance. However, many times these resources struggle to maintain staffing with all the expertise and bandwidth needed to effectively and efficiently accomplish the compliance goals.

Bizlogic which is an expert staffing and compliance company can provide a customized, flexible, and affordable co-sourcing solution to help ensure your success


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